Framed Botanical Prints (8x10) by Kathleen Bunin

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One-of-a-kind eco-prints by artist Kathleen Bunin made using plant matter from her garden.

Kathleen bundles plants and watercolour paper with a natural colorant and mordant (in these cases onion skins and alum), then submerges and boils the bundles with rusty nails. The chemical reaction of the nails with the natural tannins in the plants helps to give the images more detail. No two images are ever the same due to the seasonal changes in the plants and the amounts and types of colorant and/or mordant used.

Botanical print on watercolour paper

8 x 10 in (unframed)
9 x 11 in (framed)

20 x 25.5 cm (unframed)
23 x 28 cm (framed)

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