The Morrígan by Toni Bruederich

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A one-of-a-kind piece from artist Toni Bruederich's Hardwood Collection, "The Morrígan" depicts the battle crow from Irish mythology. It is said that this crow could foretell the future and outcome of war. Bruederich first dries the wood, then hand-carves it using chisels, knives, and other tools. Finally the wood is flamed for highlights, varnished, and a hook is added for display purposes.

Bruederich is a self-taught artist with a strong interest in Norse mythology, symbolism, ancient cultures and gemstones. With roots in Germany, Bruederich finds inspiration while travelling, but feels most at home in Cape Breton. He loves the possibilities of wood as a medium, which he has grown familiar with through his family background.

Yellow birch, matte varnish

7.5 (diam) x 1.25 in
19 (diam) x 3 cm

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