Zonker Relaxation & Sleep Balm by Bee Happy Farms

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A little goes a long way with Zonker by Bee Happy Farm. This soothing skin balm was handcrafted with spa-like aromas to help you unwind. Simply apply on pulse points while meditating, at bedtime, or whenever you want to relax! 

Iris Kedmi is passionate about beekeeping and finding new uses for the local wild plants that can be found growing in Cape Breton. In 2013, Kedmi founded Bee Happy Farm; harvesting, drying, infusing or distilling the plants she finds growing on her organic farm in Big Baddeck, and manufacturing health and body care products from local plants and the by-products of bees.

15 ml

Ingredients: Hops, essential oils (lavender, mugwort, borage, rosemary, chamomile, balsam fir), olive oil, vitamin E, beeswax

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