Sun Moon by Ben Sickles, The Earring Show 2024 (SOLD)

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(Limited Series)


The relationship between Elder Brother Sun and Grandmother Moon plays an important role. For Elder Brother Sun is more magnificent than I without him. I would not be here without his caring warmth and nothing would grow on our Mother Earth. Grandmother Moon is a clock; she lets us know when to plant, harvest, and renew ourselves; she is always caring and there for us. Sun and Moon work together to bring us the life we live.

Are you a sun greeter? Get up in the morning, go outside and say, “Good morning Elder Brother Sun, I’m glad you’re here.” Do this for a while and you should feel this in your chest. Take the time to acknowledge your Grandmother Moon too. Say, “Hello, Grandmother Moon. I’m glad you’re here.” It’s when you take the time to care and nourish your spirit, your life will become very full.

Earrings hang 4 cm from hook to earring bottom.

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