Eagle Spirit by Theresa Googoo, The Earring Show 2024

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(One of a Kind) 


Each component of these earrings features elements that require knowledge of traditional processes. The design carries purity, strength, wisdom, creativity and healing in its creation.  

Eagles are one of the most important and sacred animals to the Mi’kmaq. Eagles are believed to be messengers who carry our prayers to the Creator. The Eagle featured at the centre of these earrings is from an original photograph of Theresa’s.  

Earrings hang 12 cm from hook to earring bottom.

The braided sweetgrass is a fragrant grass used in ceremonies to purify and protect sacred objects or people. It is a medicinal plant that is an integral part of Mi’kmaw culture.  

Fresh water is necessary for the survival of all living organisms on Earth. As oysters are filter feeders, they derive their food from the water column by pumping water through their gills. Incorporating white pearls from oysters honours their role in keeping waters clean.  

A final touch, the rabbit fur, represents fertility, luck and imagination.  

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