Japanese Dance by Lynda Lou MacIntyre, The Earring Show 2024

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(One of a Kind) 


“Japanese Dance” represents the concept of continuity and is a tribute to artist Peter Bauer. Peter Bauer, master Artisan, and our mentor in the jewellery studio, didn’t want the skills he had learned to be lost. He wanted the knowledge and actions of the present to be passed on continuously to the future. Peter shared his wealth of knowledge, experience and jewellery making techniques. I am grateful to have had the opportunity to blossom under his tutelage and I continue to strive to teach others all that Peter has taught to me. 

Earrings hang 5 cm from hook to earring bottom.

This design is a stylized ginkgo biloba leaf from Peter and Sandra Bauer’s garden; a tree he loved. The leaf hangs from a blue stone. Peter introduced me to these lovely blue stones, Pietersite. The earrings are created in sterling silver and embellished by an alloy of gold and copper, called Shakudo; a Japanese technique that Peter taught us in a workshop. Finally, they are oxidized, creating contrast and balance, principles of design that Peter taught. 

I am so appreciative of all the time, patience and knowledge he has imparted on me, and my fellow jewellery artisans. 


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