"Aerendyl" teapot by Jitka Zgola

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Jitka's whimsical style comes alive in her teapots! Meet Aerendyl, the two-toned teapot with a fleurish of berries on it's hat.

Jitka spent many years as an occupational therapist consulting about care for persons with Alzheimer’s and is still invited to speak and present workshops throughout North America. Pottery is now a passion that she indulges, constantly experimenting and exploring new techniques to produce one-of-a-kind functional pieces – art that can be used every day. Most production takes place in the serene wintry months in her studio in Wreck Cove. True to its functional nature, Jitka’s stoneware is food, oven and microwave safe.

Teapot measures 8.5" tall and 9" wide.

Also featured in the image are mug rugs by Carol Beaton

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