Cape Breton Teas 100 gram

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As a tea artist, Dr. Michelle Greenwell, (Ph.D. CIH), brings the essence of herbs into a special package for tea that is full of intention, taste, and look. The color of the teas enhances the sipping experience as well as the special tea rituals to set intentions. Using special herbal combinations with ingredients found locally and abroad, she is changing the way people think about, sip, and share tea. Enjoy the tea hot, warm, and cold, in baking, soups, specialty drinks, or soaking.

Take the Shore Road: This sweet, full-body green tea with honeybush is a deep blue like the ocean. The addition of Blue Pea Flower provides a way for us to soften and find insight in our quiet contemplation. Hawthorn Fruit provides courage and energy towards new ideas, while the rose reminds us to enjoy the moment and stand still with time. A drive down the Shore Road with a view of the ocean and its ever-changing colors and energy is inspired within this tea. A great blend to share with family and friends, or when meeting someone for the first time.

Hugging the Holidays: Apple, rosehip pieces, hibiscus petals, cinnamon, cloves, cocoa, and natural flavours combine to help you wish family and friends good health and prosperity for the holidays and new year!

Queen Mary: Celebrating the beautiful black tea feeling of a Cream Earl Grey, this organic blend has shimmers of gold through the leaves. Combined with an oatcake or a biscuit, this blend is a soft cup of lightness on a leisure afternoon.

Honey Bee: The flavor of honey is a part of this specialty blend that reminds us to relax, and take time for ourselves. Imagine the bear finding the hive and sitting against the tree to savor the moment of richness as he puts his paws into the honey. Let this blend boost your spirits with the joy of Apple, Hibiscus, Rosehip, Vanilla, Honeybush and Ginger. Honeybush is a beautiful addition to create the smooth sweet quality that you find in honey.


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