Grace, Mixed Media on 20x20 Board by Sara Lammond

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"Companion pieces, Patience and Grace are my ode to the Great Blue Heron. But more than the herons themselves, I wanted to express the serenity I feel when watching them. I wanted to express the serenity I feel when watching them.

They arrive each spring to set up their nest - I watch them wading slowly, carefully along the shoreline, sometimes standing so still, just waiting for a meal to appear.

When they fly over the still water, the reflections are amazing...or sometimes they are like ghosts flying through the fog. They are an endless source of inspiration and wonder for me."

Patience and Grace are mixed media pieces, heavily layered. I began the layering process with a wild riot of vivid pink and orange acrylic, followed by some writing, a journal about this feeling of serenity. I then applied another of acrylic, mostly in dark blues, scraping back and texturizing the surface. The final layers of acrylic were drippy thick desaturated blues and grays, to evoke the serenity I feel in this land of fog, The drawings and fine details of yellow and black were done with charcoal, graphite and soft pastel. Each piece is sealed with layers of acrylic medium and a final application of cold wax.


Patience and Grace

Each: 20 x 20" on 1.75" cradle board.

Sold separatly at $1000 each or $1750 as a set.

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