Illustrated Stickers by Kautzi

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Personalize your belongings with these custom-shaped vinyl stickers by graphic designer Patrizia Monnerjahn of Kautzi. Choose from an adorable bookwork octopus or springtime tulips in a charming jug-turned-vase.

Kautzi is the creative outlet of Patrizia who loves to create using her hands, whether it is knitting, painting, or doing paper-cuts. Patrizia cuts and tapes together simple shapes out of paper which she then scans and edits digitally. This process not only creates the illustrations’ characteristic rough and textured look, but also helps her to work more intuitively and playfully. Kautzi illustrations are inspired by Patrizia’s love for colours and nature, and her new home in Cape Breton.

Vinyl sticker

3 x 3.5 in
7.5 x 9 cm

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