Nature #2, original celtic inspired ink and gold leaf, Kimberley Arnold

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Kimberley has been doing Celtic art for over 25 years and she resides in St. Anns, Cape Breton.
Having grown up Ontario and spending time in the UK, she found a love for Celtic art and Celtic
spirituality. One day she just sat down and her pencil started to move making the intricate designs of the Celts. She infuses all of her pieces with spiritual meaning reminiscent of the Celtic and druidic traditions. Throughout her art career she has taught several classes on the basics of Celtic art. She also paints landscapes and animals in acrylic and in pen and ink. While living in Ontario, Kimberley has curated art exhibits bringing local artists together for a local cause. Her enthusiasm for art, in particular Celtic art, and continuing the tradition of her ancestry, the Celtic people, is exemplified in each piece she creates and is, and has been, her lifelong passion.

This piece measures 22"x18" framed.

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