Strawberry Thief, Block Print Scarf/Bandanna, ltd edition by Teena Marie Fancey

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This "Strawberry Thief" block printed scarf/bandana is a limited edition for 2023 piece. Teena only printed 12 of these, making them a very special, unique piece of wearable art.

"This item has passed through my hands many times before coing to you. It was washed and pressed to prepare for printing, then each colour was printed one at a time, allowed to dry before the next colour was mixed and applied.

The print, inspired by William Morris' Strawberry Thief design, was hand- drawn, then transferred to a block and then each component was hand=carved, tested and tested again. This scarf was hand-printed with 10 blocks in all, and all inks are non=-toxic and mixed in small batches of colour at a time. After all the ink had dried, it was then heat-set, ironed and packaged."

Hand wash in mild detergent, line dry and iron.

Measures 24x24"


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