Wood Epoxy Fusion Rings by Toni Bruederich

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Unique and bold, these wooden epoxy fusion rings sparkle in the light.

Being a young artist, Toni’s experience is limited in years, but he has the freedom to think without boundaries. Toni is a self-taught artist and the most important thing for Toni is the joy that comes with working on his art, on something that belongs to him. Toni is very much interested in Norse mythology, symbolism, ancient cultures and gemstones. His love for these things shows in all of his work. Through his family background, Toni is also familiar with wood construction and loves the possibilities of the material. Although his roots are in Germany, Toni finds a lot of inspiration while travelling the world, but feels the most at home in Cape Breton; it inspires and influences him to put his ideas and impressions into his carvings.

Green Oak 1 - Size 8.5

Green Oak 2 - Size 8

Red Oak 3 - Size 9.5

Purple Oak 2 - Size 7

Maple - Size 8

Orange Ebony - Size 4.5

Opaque Maple - Size 8.5



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